Mysterious cross of light heralds healing for Lewiston family


LEWISTON — Christmastime recalls the appearance of a mysterious shining cross, hope, healing and a family still together following an inexplicable experience.

Bruce Collette’s office overlooks his mother, Jeanne’s, Sabattus Street home. On a day last June, just around dusk by Collette’s reckoning, his son brought to his attention a bright cross on the side of her house.

Collette thought it was a pretty cool sight. He snapped a couple of pictures with his phone because he had never seen any kind of reflection on that wall — let alone a cross.

“I sit by that wall every day and there’s never any reflection,” Collette said. “My window where I sit at my desk, I look at that wall all day.” He noted that he wasn’t aware of anything across from that side of the house that could cause such a reflection.

The pictures sufficed for Collette, who tucked his phone away and didn’t think anything of it for a couple of days — until his 89-year-old mother fell ill.

“She was rushed to the emergency room; she couldn’t breathe,” Collette said. “She looked like she was having a heart attack.”

Rescue workers checked his unresponsive mother’s eyes. “She was just staring.”

Collette thought he had just watched his mother breathe her last breath when she was taken to the hospital by ambulance.

However, she regained consciousness at the hospital, and he showed her the cross pictures he had taken. Collette said his mother smiled and appeared comforted by the sight of the glowing cross.

Doctors told Collette his mother likely had a tumor that had caused her to pass out. The family readied for the worst as another test was ordered to see how advanced the tumor was, amid discussions about whether to operate.

The test came back. The doctor had no explanation for what had happened to Collette’s mother: She was tumor-free.

“I don’t know what it was,” Collette said. “I was just happy to have my mother back.” She was discharged and has been fine since.

There was no doubt in his mother’s mind, however. She insists the cross was not on the house for her, but for everyone.

Collette said he had no answer for the illuminated cross on his mother’s wall. Maybe it was a reflection from a parked truck mirror or a neighbor’s wind chimes.

This is the time of year many Americans are celebrating a holiday symbolized by the cross. So, just maybe the Collettes received their miracle early this year.

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