N. Breton: Younger generation stepping up


I am writing in support of my grandson, Luke Jensen, a candidate for state representative in District 58.

Born and raised here in Lewiston, he returned here in 2013 from Virginia where he attended college (degree in international relations).

Lewiston needs changes and it is time for the younger generation, with fresh ideas, to step up to the plate.

After attending many city council and school board meetings, he believes he can make a difference. He listens to residents’ concerns and is an intelligent, caring young man.

He will work hard to bring good-paying jobs to Lewiston and stop welfare abuse. Education for area children is very important to him, as well as taking care of the elderly and veterans.

Maine is such a wonderful state in which to live, but changes are needed.


I will be voting for Luke Jensen.

Noella Breton, Lewiston