N. Carrier: Homelessness happens


This is in response to the letter by the Rev. Douglas Taylor (Feb. 18). His letter concerned Sam Chamberlain, a homeless youth turned advocate (Feb. 13).

True, there are two sides to every story and, yes, it takes two to tango, but who is Taylor to judge a homeless person? As a reverend, a man of God, he should be kind, understanding and sympathetic.

My goal, when I was a young person, was to work with the poor and homeless. Never in a million years thinking that I would be there myself some day.

Many years ago, I chose to leave the security of convent life, only to be left alone to deal with a debilitating, life-threatening illness. Years later, I walked out of an abusive relationship with my husband. That was the third time I was homeless. I won’t speak of the second time.

I can sympathize with Chamberlain.

So, what is my point? People don’t need to know all the details. Homelessness is nobody’s choice. It happens.

Everyone has the ability to reinvent themselves. Kudos to Chamberlain for having the courage to change his life around; for moving ahead and reclaiming himself.

Shame on the Rev. Taylor, and may God be with him.

Nancy Carrier, Lewiston