N. Willard: Limit ban to assault guns


I totally disagree with Harvey Lord’s statements in his letter (Jan. 8), “Ban on booze didn’t work either.”

I wonder if the creators who wrote the U.S. Constitution more than 330 years ago might not have banned assault weapons in the hands of the general public if they had imagined them.

No one is proposing taking away guns from sportsmen and law-abiding citizens. Gabrielle Giffords and her husband support the Second Amendment but are against assault weapons. The gun manufacturers sell a lot of guns by spreading the lie that the government is going to take away everyone’s guns.

There are common sense laws that can be passed and enforced that would prevent shootings such as what happened to Giffords and in Newtown.

Making alcohol has been done for centuries and can be done at home using a wide variety of substances. Gin was probably made in tubs before there were bathtubs. I cannot imagine an assault weapon being manufactured at home. There is no comparison between the reasons for banning and the logistics of enforcing a ban on alcohol and one on guns.

Teachers and administrators have too much to do to be constantly thinking about where their guns are. I know from experience that teaching takes complete concentration as well as attention to the subject and the students. Picturing all those guns in schools is a horrific scene — worse than the old “wild West.”


Nancy Willard, Woodstock