N. Willard: Need for progress


I appreciated the Jan. 29 editorial, in which was described the horror that bullying creates and the need for an anti-bullying bill.

It is a shame that John Davis didn’t have a chance to read the editorial before he wrote “Impeach the president” (letter, Jan. 29). I think his letter exemplifies a bullying attitude right out of the Karl Rove playbook.

If President Barack Obama has done anything that in any way comes even close to an impeachable act it would be all over the television news and talk shows and in every newspaper in the world.

Some Republicans, like Davis, seek power by putting people down. There is the attack on voters’ rights and disparaging remarks about welfare. There is also “trickle-down economics” that never trickled down to anyone.

The goal of Democrats is to help people, to bring them up out of poverty, to help them become self-sufficient; to help those who cannot help themselves. Not everyone is able to achieve the goal of progressing out of poverty into a self-supporting job, but many do, and that is well-documented.

Obama has a proposal that would streamline government and save taxpayer dollars. The need for a single-payer, efficient and fair health care system is obvious.

Now, there is progress.

I believe we need Obama for four more years

Nancy Willard, Woodstock