We are a nation of laws


Maine Democrats don’t understand the criminal term “illegal alien.” They prefer the softer terms of “undocumented immigrant” or “guest visitor.”

We are a nation of laws, and breaking the law by being in the United States illegally just doesn’t seem to matter to those Democrats.

On April 9, 2004, Gov. Baldacci issued an executive order: “All state agencies with law enforcement, investigative or prosecutorial authority shall not inquire about a person’s immigration status unless investigating or prosecuting illegal activity other than mere status as an undocumented alien.”

The order goes on to say that immigration status shall be confidential and not be disclosed unless illegal activity is suspected other than “the mere status as an undocumented alien.”

In 2005, the Democratic majority defeated LD 1079, which would have required agencies accepting funds from the state to report to U.S. authorities any person suspicious of being an illegal alien. They amended LD 501 for driver’s license eligibility, which should have required written evidence that a non-citizen’s presence in the U.S. is authorized under federal law. It was amended to make expired visas and foreign passports not acceptable as identification when applying for a driver’s license, and any proof of legal presence here was discarded.

This Democratic governor has shown blatant disregard of a serious criminal problem in this country, and the Democrats in the Legislature have followed him. The patriotic, law-abiding voters should keep this in mind at the November elections.

Rep. Thomas Shields, Auburn