Natural foods proponent to speak at library


AUBURN — The movement toward organic and natural products has spawned a whole industry and changed the way many are eating. Karen Farrell, president and owner of Topline Marketing, has grown into a major figure in the natural foods movement and will be at the Auburn Public Library at noon Thursday, Feb. 9, to share how she has turned her life philosophy on food into a thriving business.

Driven by the trials of her brother and father, both of whom were stricken with environmentally caused cancer, Farrell has been a proponent of organic and natural foods since she was a kid. At a young age, she refused to eat what her parents prepared and instead did her own grocery shopping.

According to Farrell, there are more than 250,000 chemicals in the food system that were not there 100 years ago.

Since taking over as president and owner of Topline Marketing, the business has grown from a handful of employees to roughly 25. Farrell and her team promote and support many of the top companies in the natural products industry, including high-profile brands such as Burt’s Bees and GrandyOats.

The program will take place in the Androscoggin Community Room located on the bottom floor of the library.