What we need


Other than demonstrating staunch libertarianism, Jason Levesque’s campaign Web site tells us nothing about him. Half of his biographical information is about ancestors who were conveniently residents of Maine. The rest is mostly about his formative years as a college dropout, ex-military swimming instructor and telemarketer. Meanwhile, there is no section that describes his views on issues facing Mainers.

In fact, the word “Michaud” shows up more times on the home and news pages than “Levesque”! It’s as if the site’s main purpose is to smear the incumbent.

Our country is facing huge financial problems, a faltering health system, massive unemployment, degradation of the environment and so on. We need candidates who demonstrate intelligence and vision and discuss how we’re going to get out of this mess, instead of parrot partisan vitriol.

We need someone who knows how to navigate Washington, D.C., and is intimately familiar with our state — not a telemarketer.

Jeremy Keith Hammond, Auburn