Need ideas to save money


On June 8, Mexico voters will have the chance to vote for two selectmen. The choice is business as usual or change.

Taxes for Mexico residents will go up this year; about $66 for each homeowner just because of a cut in the Homestead Exemption. Add about another 1.5 mils for the increase in the budget if passed as written, and a homeowner with a $100,000 home can see a $150 increase in taxes.

With no increases in income from Social Security, how are most citizens going to be able to pay? It is a fact that almost 60 percent of Mexico’s citizens are moderate to low income, and many have no job at all.

We need some new selectmen who can be creative and come up with ideas to save money, not spend it all the time. That is why I support Byron Ouellette and Albert Aniel.

Marjorie Richard, Mexico