Need illegal immigrant labor


For a week now I’ve been consumed by this illegal immigration issue.

I’ve listened to Lou Dobbs, Sen. Jeff Sessions and others on TV, and Michael Savage and others on talk radio speaking for enforcing the immigration laws that we now have.

I’ve listened to the other side – President Bush, Sens. Ted Kennedy and John McCain and others on TV and radio who lean toward giving the illegals “temporary” work permits and eventual citizenship.

From the beginning, my gut told me that the arguments for virtual “amnesty” sounded wrong and enforcing the laws sounded right. My mind has been befuddled by the arguments against this. I couldn’t see how rewarding unlawful entry into this country with legal work permits could possibly lead to anything but encouraging others to break our immigration laws.

But I think now I see. For years, U.S. manufacturing jobs have been leaving this country because companies want to profit from cheap labor.

Now, look at the top five industries in the U.S. that employ illegal aliens: agriculture, forestry, construction and food and cleaning services.

If you want to get cheap labor in the agriculture and forestry industries, it’s impossible to move the fields and forests like you’d move a factory.

So, those of us who’ve been puzzled as to why our borders have been so leaky (an estimated 500,000 illegals a year have been and are being allowed to slip through), we don’t have to wonder anymore.

Peggy Smedberg, Lewiston