We don’t need Massachusetts


This is in reference to Rep. Henry Joy’s proposal to divide Maine into two states (Sun Journal, March 11). I wonder who he really represents?

I’m beginning to believe he wasn’t born and raised in Maine. His proposal sounds like something from a flatlander.

Maine split from Massachusetts in 1820 when the Missouri Compromise was made. We were proud to become our own state, and the real Mainers still feel proud.

We are all neighbors, from Kittery to Fort Kent. We work, play and help each other out, no matter where our homes are or how messed up our government becomes.

If Joy needs Massachusetts, perhaps he should please go there and let people there know we are not for the taking, but they are welcome to come up on their vacations to visit with us.

I wonder how Joy got it arranged for residents of Massachusetts to vote him in?

Carl Kimball, Lewiston