We need to stand as one nation


Too often, name-calling gets in the way of the real issues we face as American citizens. Labels such as “bleeding hearts,” “tax and spend liberals,” or “wacko environmentalists,” make a joke of the serious issues facing us:

• An illegal war where this country’s officials are demanding democracy when it is being jeopardized here.

• This country has a trillion-dollar debt to communist China;

• The constitutional proclamation of separation of church and state is being threatened;

• The lack of health care for everyone;

• Jobs are being outsourced to the lowest bidders;

• High energy costs are putting this nation in peril;

• The education system is underfunded while our administration costs are sky high;

• The tax system is geared for the rich to get richer; and

• Global warming is a major issue to be confronted.

To hear that there is talk of another disastrous war is beyond the pale.

The recent war protest of 300,000 people in New York City was not even covered on national TV media.

The survival of our nation depends on us coming together. We need to stand up as one nation and say enough is enough.

Pat Blake, Bethel