We need to support schools


It was with great surprise that I read that the Sabattus selectmen and budget committee, at the urging of Rep. Scott Lansley, agreed to recommend a cut in excess of $360,000 to the Sabattus School Department budget (May 4).

According to Lansley, “The school board should explain why there is such an increase requested.” Rep. Lansley, a member of the Education and Cultural Affairs Committee, should have been able to explain that there are many costs to Sabattus that the state does not take into consideration when deciding the town’s financial responsibility toward the cost of education.

If Rep. Lansley, the selectmen or the budget committee had questions or concerns about the additional increase, they could have had them answered had they taken the time to attend the Sabattus School Department budget meetings, picked up the telephone to ask the superintendent of schools for an explanation, or invited the school committee to attend a selectmen’s meeting or budget committee meeting to address their concerns. Instead, they chose to blindside the school department.

The Sabattus School Department will incur cuts that will have a negative impact on the education of its students if the town agrees to the cut that is being recommended. Sabattus residents must attend the May 20 town meeting at Sabattus Central School to show their support for the education of their young citizens.

Diane Tardy, Sabattus