Need not be so tough


This is in response to the Sun Journal editorial, “County should trim benefits of retired officials” (April 2).

Short-term or not, all employees are hired knowing what they had for benefits at time of hire. I believe that not fulfilling the outlined benefits is tantamount to fraud on the part of the county.

Although not written in the county charter, it was accepted and acted upon for decades. I believe that “implied consent” applies here.

Those benefits helped to create a valid, stable and loyal work force. Although that benefit was abolished in 2004 regarding new hires, prior employees were grandfathered. The error was corrected. Now the county wishes to abolish payment for grandfathered employees.

Business bankruptcies, relocations, or simply going out of business, have caused this kind of mistreatment of their employees. The county is simply trying to trim the budget. As our personal budgets are attacked on an annual and daily basis, we adjust. The county also needs to adjust, and I am certain it can.

The blatant mistreatment of these loyal retired employees is just vicious. I believe this to be the travesty against good people who worked to earn, and in good faith, receive, that which they were told they would receive.

I would offer that this too shall pass, given that we are talking about people in their twilight years. Times are tough, no doubt, but I doubt that county officials needs to get that tough and mistreat their former coworkers.

Marc A. J. Jalbert, Lewiston