We’re needed in Ireland


The same things that work against America in Iraq would work for us in Ireland. We are a western and predominantly Christian nation. “East is East, and West is West and never the twain shall meet.”

As President Ford thought, setting up government in any country might be an impossibility, especially if you attempt to do it militarily, but we would stand a much better chance in Ireland than we do in Iraq. The other nations of the world would find the attempt a nobler cause.

The IRA has once again sought a resolution to the war for the sovereignty of Ireland. It has renounced violence, pursued peaceful means of attaining justice by accepting the Good Friday agreement. Such a long awaited and fragile peace must be protected for everyone’s sake by the honoring of those accords.

The Equality Commission must stop dithering and act to see that Catholics and Protestants are treated equitably in matters of housing, employment, education and everything else. No more second-class citizenship for Catholics in any county. There is no peace without justice.

We are warned that our involvement in Iraq may lead to an explosion of the Middle East. Involvement in Ireland might end a civil war. An opportunity for America to make a positive contribution exists in Ireland, not in Iraq. As we were warned by legitimate intelligence before the war, that war serves al Qaida, not America.

Tom Bulger, Wilton