Needs better balance


I’m writing in response to the Sun Journal online article “Pit bull mauls boy” that appeared March 30. The headline only feeds the public’s fear of this breed and makes for media sensationalism.

The story is a perfect example of what can happen to a child when left home alone with any untrained dog. I feel for this child, but his family could have avoided this situation by acting responsibly.

The dog previously attacked someone, yet it remained in the home with children. That dog should have been in isolation or euthanized after the first attack.

A good owner always has their dogs under physical (leash) control. Voice control is not enough; a simple distraction takes away that control in an instant.

Dogs and children should always be supervised. A simple misstep can lead to devastating results, even with the sweetest dog.

Pet ownership is not a right. When you make the commitment to bring a pet into your home, you are agreeing to raise it to be a good citizen. You are responsible for its training and well-being. This is where the majority of pet owners fail, leading to an article such as the one mentioned above.

Pit bulls have had much disservice done to them in the media and are not getting the recognition they deserve working as therapy dogs, search and rescue and many more services. Can we expect to see an article about the positive side of this breed in the near future?

Melanie Gould, Poland