“Never Ending Nightmare”


I sat there on the window sill, eight stories up.

“Look Mom, I found our car!”

I did not want to be there.

He had only two years to live, the doctors said.

I was seven, my sister was five.

We couldn’t handle it,

It was traumatizing.

April fifteenth,

That’s when the doctors went in,

My sister and I went to our aunt’s house and

We watered Christmas Trees with Windex bottles.

It wasn’t much

But to two girls, Seven and five,

Well, it kept us entertained,

And our minds off the fact that we

May never see our daddy again.

Dad came home…

Mom went in…she had cancer also.

Will it ever leave us alone?

This was a nightmare,

One of those bad dreams that never goes away

It just keeps taunting you…


Cancer changes its victims’ lives and the lives of

all the people around it.

Cancer is the never ending nightmare that happens

to innocent people

And their loved ones,

This never ending nightmare.