A new dream for Twin Cities


Lewiston and Auburn have many common problems. I wish to propose a new dream for my hometown.

I wish to ask the residents of Auburn and Lewiston to combine both cities under a new banner called, “Great Falls, Maine 04200.”

In so doing, it would create the state’s largest municipality, thus qualifying the new city for a larger share of state and federal tax dollars.

This bold step will be accomplished by each community putting their respective finances in order through voter referenda, and restructuring of city charters and trimming of personnel by attrition.

The affect will be the realization of financial savings and streamlining of local government. For example: loss of one superintendent of schools ($90,000); loss of a public works director $70,000); loss of a fire chief ($70,000); loss of a police chief ($80,000); loss of one library director ($60,000); loss of one city administrator ($90,000 plus car); loss of a city clerk ($70,000); and more.

These moves will facilitate showing new business developers that this area means business in an aggressive way by securing a brighter and more gainful future for our children as it reduces area business and property taxes.

It will not be easy and will tax the strength of many. However, it will create a new dream for a better future for our taxed children and ourselves. The public will experience pride in participating in this evolution of democracy.

Charles Soule, Lewiston