New Gloucester sisters finalists in YouTube contest


NEW GLOUCESTER — Eight-year-old Anna Lipp has Type 1 diabetes. With her 6-year old sister, Jane, the pair are finalists in a national video contest about diabetes education for children.

They submitted the video made by their mother, Kim, in a national contest sponsored by Medtronics Inc., the maker of the insulin pump.

They are the only children in Maine who made it to the final round.

But long before the contest, Anna and her sister have educated friends, family and classmates about the insulin pump and how it controls Anna’s diabetes, including creating a short educational video for other kids about diabetes.

Anna constructed visual aids including a pancreas, heart and pump to help teach her classmates about how the body uses insulin and, if one’s pancreas fails, how the pump administers insulin so she can enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

In fact, Anna says when she received the pump at age 4, she learned to read the device and monitor herself before she learned to read.

Jane also learned to read the insulin pump before she could read so she could help her sister. Jane does not have diabetes.

Anna’s pump provides just the right amount of insulin she needs to exercise, play and function. She must test her blood sugar every 90 minutes by pricking her finger to monitor herself and make any changes needed. The pump apparatus that hooks into her skin is changed every two days.

The girls attend SAD 15’s Memorial School and Dunn School in the first and third grades.

“Everyone has something,” says Anna pointing to Jane, who wears glasses to help her see.

Asked what she wants to be when she grows up, Anna says she wants to be a teacher. Jane quickly adds she hopes to be a rock star.

The winner will depend on which video gets the most votes on YouTube between now and April 30.

Check out the video and vote at

Kim Lipp says to vote accurately, viewers must log into You Tube’s website after you watch the video. rather than just checking off “like.”