New lane planned for Court Street


AUBURN — Court Street could get a new lane for Turner Street-bound traffic later this summer.

City officials will present a plan to build an 11-foot-wide slip lane along the northern edge of Court Street. It would allow turning traffic, cars aiming to turn right onto Turner Street, to peel off Court Street.

“The goal is to alleviate some of the congestion that Court Street gets,” said city engineer Dan Goyette. He said the new lane would be especially helpful during the early morning and late afternoon rushes.

Goyette and the city will present the plan for public review at 6 p.m. June 2 in the City Council Chambers in Auburn Hall.

“We just want feedback at this point,” Goyette said. “We want to see if the public has concerns or comments or questions or suggestions that might make it a better project. This will be their opportunity to voice those.”

Goyette said the plans call for removing the sidewalk on the north side of Court Street and moving it farther north to make room for the new lane. The lane would extend from Turner Street almost to the building at 31 Court St.

Work is scheduled to begin later this summer or early in the fall and could be scheduled overnight so it does not interfere with daily traffic.

“That’s one of the discussions we’re still having, and something we’ll talk about at the meeting,” Goyette said.

The work is being paid for by the Maine Department of Transportation. Goyette said he did not have a cost estimate for the project but would have it by the June 2 meeting.

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