New plan for recycling


I have read in the Sun Journal about Auburn’s revised plan for recycling and I think it’s kind of funny. Recycling is going to be cut from once a week to twice a month. That has been tried in New Auburn, and it hasn’t been well received.

Meanwhile, in the Sun Journal’s editorial on April 29, it was put forward that the citizens of Auburn should have to pay per bag of trash to fund a single-stream recycling program. A cost of 25 to 50 cents per bag seemed a fair price to pay and would help motivate people because less than 25 percent of Auburn residents recycle.

I have a radical solution: cut recycling collections from once a week to none a week. If so few people are recycling, why bother with collections? Set up recycling drops-offs so the few people doing it can still feel good about themselves, and the City Council can use the money for something useful, such as spring cleanup collections.

Jason Theriault, Auburn