New residents at Market Square


NORWAY — There are two new residents at the Market Square Health Care Center. Moses and Victor, the only felines in residence, have the other residents wrapped around their little paws.

Barbara Townsend, social services assistant, explained that both cats are about a year old and have become very well-loved since joining the Market Square family. Victor prefers to nap in the Medical Records office, while Moses, who loves to purr, sleeps under desks, chairs or beds, and seeks out residents to snuggle.

When family members come to visit, residents will often take them on a cat hunt to show off the new pets. Both cats love their treats and enjoy the attention they receive from residents.

The cats are just one addition to Market Square as part of their goal to change the culture from typical nursing home to the home where residents will be truly happy.

Another change is the addition of evening activities to the activity calendar. At the suggestion of residents, evening activities have been added three times a week for those who prefer to sleep in during the day. Digital cable was also added in the resident’s meeting rooms, which allows for the viewing of NASCAR races as well as the Discovery Channel, which helps spark some interesting conversations among staff and residents.

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