New RSU 73 board holds organizational meeting


LIVERMORE FALLS — The new Regional School Unit 73 board elected Denise Rodzen of Livermore Falls as chairwoman and Mary Redmond-Luce of Jay as vice chairwoman Monday.

The two will serve until the first meeting after July 1, when board officers will need to be elected again.

Jay and RSU 36 serving Livermore and Livermore Falls will consolidate on July 1.

New directors elected April 19 also drew lots to determine the length of the terms they will serve.

Jay directors Dan DiPompo drew a two-year term; Michael Morrell, a one-year term; Darcie Comstock, one-year term; Tammy Dwinal-Shufelt, a two-year term; Mary Redmond-Luce, a three-year term; and Vicki McLeod, who was absent, will serve a three-year term.

Livermore directors Cindy Young will serve a three-year term, Diane Gould a two-year term, and Tim Madden a one-year term.

Livermore Falls directors Ann Souther will serve a one-year term, Denise Rodzen, a three-year term, Jackie Knight, a one-year term, and Tammy Castonguay Frost a two-year term.

The board also voted to have RSU 36 be the interim fiscal agent and voted in a $39,990 transitional budget for the new district.

That figure includes $15,000 for legal fees, $15,750 for software conversion to connect the two districts, $3,700 for bus lettering, $2,600 for auditor fees and $2,400 for election expenses.

The transitional budget cost will be divided among the towns through a cost-sharing formula based on state valuation of each town that has Jay paying 72.51 of the cost.

RSU 73 directors also voted to put the Jay School Department policies in force until new policies are adopted for the district.

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