New Sharon woman pleads to lesser charge in Big Apple case


FARMINGTON — A New Sharon woman pleaded guilty to receiving stolen property in a plea agreement with the state Tuesday.

The state dismissed the felony charge of robbery against Marcia Tracy, 28, formerly of Strong, a court clerk, Assistant District Attorney James Andrews and Tracy’s attorney, Walt McKee confirmed.

Tracy was accused of driving the getaway Jeep during an armed robbery on Dec. 21, 2010, at the Big Apple on Farmington Falls Road in Farmington.

She pleaded not guilty to felony robbery in May 2011.

Justice Michaela Murphy heard the plea in the Lawyers Room at the Franklin County Superior Court in Farmington, out of sight and hearing of potential jurors sitting in the courtroom. Attorneys Andrews and McKee were also in the room.

Sentencing was set for Friday, April 13.

Andrews said there is a proposed plea negotiated for the sentencing but it has not been made public.

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