The new thing


Many teens are pressured to send or open a message that has naked pictures. Sexting is the new thing with teens now. Some teens think it would be cool to send naked pictures of themselves to friends or people they think are their friends.

If teens send any pictures of themselves almost undressed or fully naked, it could be considered child pornography.

Boyfriends and girlfriends want pictures, too. If teens send an inappropriate picture or they receive one, that can get them labeled as a sex offender. Sending pictures of teens undressed can get all teens that sent or received them into a lot of trouble and it could ruin their reputation. The more teens send, the more likely friends start hating them.

Most parents don’t know what kids are doing with their cell phones or laptops, or some may not care.

Teens are seeing that a lot of kids get in trouble because kids send pictures like that to one another. Teens are also saying slurs that involve sexting and what they would do to that person.

I think that teens should end this problem.

Aimee Lavoie, Auburn