New titles added at Paris library


PARIS — The Paris Public Library added the following books to its collection in February. For more information or to reserve a title, call the library at 743-6994 or e-mail [email protected] Home delivery of books is available.


Lorraine Adams, “The Room and the Chair”; V.C. Andrews, “Secret Whispers”; Nancy Atherton, “Aunt Dimity Down Under”; John Banville, “The Infinities”; Sara Bennett, “The Lily and the Sword”; Sara Bennett, “The Rose and the Shield”; Alex Berenson, “The Midnight House”; Sarah Blake, “The Postmistress”; Noah Boyd, “The Bricklayer”; Jackie Collins, “Poor Little Bitch Girl”; Catherine Coulter, “Night Shadow”; Frank Delaney, “Venetia Kelly’s Traveling Show”; Jude Deveraux, “Lost Lady.”

Also, Marjorie Eccles, “Last Nocturne”; Joy Fielding, “The Wild Zone”; Matthew Flaming, “The Kingdom of Ohio”; Joanne Fluke, “Apple Turnover Murder”; Michael Gear, “Coming of the Storm”; Michael Gear, “People of the River”; Tim Green, “False Convictions”; James Grippando, “Money to Burn”; Batya Gur, “Murder on Kibbutz”; Kim Harrison, “Black Magic Sanction”; Joe Hill, “Horns”; Tim LaHaye, “Matthew’s Story”; Johanna Lindsey, “Silver Angel.”

Also, Eric Lustbader, “Last Snow”; Henning Mankell, “The Man from Beijing”; Judith McNaught, “Almost Heaven”; Fern Michaels, “Game Over”; Fern Michaels, “Serendipity”; Joyce Carol Oates, “A Fair Maiden”; Michael Palmer, “The Last Surgeon”; Robert B. Parker, “Split Image”; S.J. Parris, “Heresy”; Tracie Peterson, “Morning’s Refrain”; Susan Elizabeth Phillips, “Ain’t She Sweet”; Randall Probert, “Warden’s Worry”; Dewey Richards, “Detective’s Apprentice.”

Also, John Ringo, “Live Free or Die”; Karen Robards, “Desire is the Sun”; Karen Robards, “Scandalous”; J.D. Robb, “Fantasy in Death”; David Rollins, “Hard Rain”; Jacqueline Sheehan, “Lost & Found”; Dan Simmons, “Black Hills”; Lauraine Snelling, “An Untamed Land”; Dana Stabenow, “A Night too Dark”; Danielle Steel, “Big Girl”; Peter Straub, “A Dark Matter”; Adriana Trigiani, “Brava, Valentine.”

Large print

Bernard Cornwell, “The Burning Land”; Jack Higgins, “The Wolf at the Door”; Danielle Steel, “Big Girl.”


Lara Adrian, “Kiss of Midnight”; Catherine Anderson, “Sweet Nothings”; Stella Cameron, “Out of Body”; Robyn Carr, “Moonlight Road”; Janet Chapman, “Tempt me if You Can”; Tessa Dare, “Surrender of a Siren”; Mary Janice Davidson, “Undead and Unemployed”; Geralyn Dawson, “The Bad Luck Wedding Night”; Laurell K. Hamilton, “The Laughing Corpse”; Cathy Maxwell, “You and No Other”; Kasey Michaels, “A Most Unsuitable Groom”; Nora Roberts, “Hot Rocks”; Susan Wiggs, “The Summer Hideaway.”

Young adult

Laurie Anderson, “Wintergirls”; Holly Black, “Ironside”; Heather Brewer, “Eleventh Grade Burns”; Heather Brewer, “Ninth Grade Slays”; Heather Brewer, “Tenth Grade Bleeds”; Heather Brewer, “The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod”; Ally Carter, “Heist Society”; Roderick Gordon, “Freefall”; Brian Jacques, “The Sable Queen”; Frewin Jones, “The Enchanted Quest”; Frewin Jones, “The Faerie Path”; Lisa McMann, “Gone”; Ridley Pearson, “Steel Trapp”; Michael Scott, “The Sorceress”; Darren Shan, “Allies of the Night.”

Also, Darren Shan, “Hunters of the Dusk”; Darren Shan, “Killers of the Dawn”; Darren Shan, “Lord of the Shadows”; Darren Shan, “Sons of Destiny”; Darren Shan, “The Lake of Souls”; Darren Shan, “The Vampire Prince”; Darren Shan, “The Vampire’s Assitant and other Tales from Cirque Du Freak”; Darren Shan, “Trials of Death”; Darren Shan, “Vampire Mountain”; L.J. Smith, “The Awakening”; Jeff Stone, “Dragon”; Paul Wilson, “Jack.”

Audio CD

Suzanne Collins, “Catching Fire”; Suzanne Collins, “The Hunger Games”; Joy Fielding, “The Wild Zone”; Kristin Hannah, “Winter Garden”; Tami Hoag, “Kill the Messenger”; Dean Koontz, “Midnight”; Dean Koontz, “Watchers”; Robert Parker, “Split Image”; James Patterson, “Judge and Jury”; Danielle Steel, “Big Girl”; Adrianna Trigiani, “Brava, Valentine.”


Devin Alexander, “The Biggest Loser Family Cookbook”; David Dosa, “Making Rounds with Oscar”; William Feldman, “Learning Disorders”; John Gibson, “How the Left Swiftboated America”; Maggie Greenwood-Robinson, “The Biggest Loser”; Maggie Greenwood-Robinson, “The Biggest Loser Fitness”; Chip Heath, “Switch”; Jeffrey Long, “Evidence of the Afterlife”; Susan McClure, “Preserving Summer’s Bounty.”

Also, Susan Meredith, “Teach Your Child to Swim”; Beth Moore, “So Long, Insecurity”; Ozzy Osbourne, “I am Ozzy”; Henry M. Paulson, “On the Brink”; Miguel Ruiz, “The Fifth Agreement”; Kevin Salwen, “The Power of Half”; Alicia Silverstone, “The Kind Diet”; Patti Smith, “Just Kids”; David M. Walker, “Comeback America.”