Newry selectmen discuss plowing of town roads


NEWRY — Newry selectmen Tuesday discussed the condition of town roads after the latest snowstorm.

Selectmen Jim Largess said the town has received complaints about conditions of the Sunday River Road, Monkey Brook Road and the Branch Road.

The town has a plowing contract with Cross Excavation. Code Enforcement Officer Dave Bonney said he thought the company has done a good job meeting most of the requirements of the contract.

Selectmen Tink Conkright said he thought Cross should start plowing earlier in the day.

“It doesn’t look to me that their starting plowing early enough,” Conkright said.

Conkright said even starting at 6 a.m. can be too late, depending on the amount of traffic headed toward Sunday River. Conkright, who plows himself, said getting out at 3 or 4 a.m. can make a difference.

Town Administrator Amy Bernard said she had spoken with Doug Jones of Cross Excavation about Branch Road and if it is being plowed in a timely manner.

Jones said the duration of the storm and employee availability were issues during the last snowfall. Conkright added that Cross Excavation has started doing jobs in Hanover, and that it has had an issue with one of its plow trucks.

Bernard said if snow removal continues to be an issue, the town might meet with Jones to discuss the situation and the town’s expectations.

In other matters , Bernard said Mia Purcell, manager of economic development at Community Concepts, is scheduled to be at the next town meeting to review the broadband report. Possible expansion to the town’s broadband plan has been discussed at past meetings.

At the Nov. 13 meeting, town officials announced broadband had been expanded to parts of Powder Ridge at Sunday River. Newry did not have to pay for expansion to that section of town.

Selectmen also voted to appoint Bob Lowell to the Roads Committee.

Selectmen are scheduled to meet next at 5 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 18, at the Newry Town Office.

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