Stories about Roxbury

New snow great for ski resorts, not enough for snowmobile trails

RUMFORD — Thursday night's snowstorm brought powdery delight to area ski resorts like Sunday River in Newry. But for local snowmobile clubs, the 5 to 8 inches of dry, fluffy snow isn't nearly enough, nor is it the right consistency. “A good windstorm will blow it all awa...

R. Worthley: Where's the outrage?

This is in response to the article in the Sun Journal about the outrage over the U.S. Marines who urinated on the bodies of suspected Taliban fighters. I am, and all Americans should be, outraged that Afghan rebels cut off the heads of American, or when dead U.S. soldiers were hung by thei... 29

Clarification: Turbine noise complaints

ROXBURY — A story on wind turbine noise complaints published Thursday on Page B1 of the River Valley edition should have stated that the Maine Department of Environmental Protection doesn't have the equipment, staff, or expertise to readily measure sound. When necessary, DEP hires a third p... 8

Roxbury board addresses 911 concerns

ROXBURY — In November 2007, fire and a propane tank explosion destroyed an old camp off East Shore Road at Garland Pond in Byron. Half of the responding 25 firefighters got there late, because they were only given East Shore Road as the location. So they arrived quickly on Eas... 2

Roxbury residents lodge turbine noise complaints

ROXBURY — West Shore Road homeowner Linda Kuras knew she'd hear noises from wind turbines atop Flathead Mountain, which lines the east shore of Roxbury Pond. She and several other residents fought in vain for years against Record Hill Wind LLC's project to place 22 turbines on town r... 5

Roxbury selectmen propose fee hike for building permits

ROXBURY — Building permit fees could soon jump from the current $10 to a maximum $250 per new residential building. Selectmen voted 3-0 Tuesday night to hold a public hearing at 5 p.m. on Valentine's Day on the proposed new fee schedule. Selectman Timothy DeRouche said the boa...


Snowmobile club ROXBURY — The Slippery Sliders snowmobile club will meet Tuesday, Jan. 10, at the home of Sylvia Touchette. The meeting starts at 7 and members are urged to attend. Supper for elderly DIXFIELD — The Dunham Chapter ...

Year of wind coming to an end

RUMFORD — Wind turbines came into Maine with a boom but two projects were able to go online without making a sound this month. Patriot Renewables LLC in Woodstock and Record Hill Wind LLC in Roxbury have commissioned most, if not all, of their wind turbines, meeting their project dea... 21

Driver injured by portable heater in Route 120 accident in Roxbury

ROXBURY — A portable heater in the back of a Carthage man's pickup truck struck him in the head when the truck crashed off Route 120 Tuesday morning off Route 120, state police said. Jeffrey Jamison, 47, suffered a head injury and was taken to Rumford Hospital, where he was treated a...

Roxbury woman injured in Route 120 collision

ROXBURY — A local woman was injured early Friday afternoon on Route 120 after police say she apparently drove into the path of an oncoming pickup truck carrying workers to the Record Hill wind energy farm in Roxbury. After Roxbury firefighters extricated Lucille “Laurie” ...