What’s next for stars of ‘Will & Grace’


LOS ANGELES (AP) – After eight years, the stars of “Will & Grace” are planning their next career moves – or vacations.

ERIC MCCORMACK (Will): “I have a job to do now: make people forget that Will is me and I am Will.” He’s starting with an off-Broadway play, Neil LaBute’s “Some Girl(s),” in which he’s playing a “straight guy and a philanderer.” For TV, he’s executive producer of “Lovespring,” the Lifetime TV improv comedy about a dysfunctional dating service, debuting June 5.

DEBRA MESSING (Grace): Was dreaming of an “eight-month vacation” in an exotic spot but is preparing to promote three upcoming films: “Lucky You,” from director Curtis Hanson; Ed Burns’ “Purple Violets” and the animated movie “Open Season. She’s excited about joining the long-awaited remake of “The Women,” with Anjelica Huston and Meg Ryan.

MEGAN MULLALLY (Karen): “I’ve said I would have gone on playing Karen until I literally dropped dead in my Prada suit and Manolo Blahniks.” Her next role is a “perfect” one, which she discovered when subbing for David Letterman: She’s hosting her own nationally syndicated talk show, debuting this fall.

SEAN HAYES (Jack): “I’m not going to rush into anything.” His long run on the series gave him “the ability to help others financially, my family and my friends” along with the opportunity to weigh opportunities. It’s “never say never” to another comedy, but “definitely not right now.”

SHELLEY MORRISON (Rosario): How does it feel to leave the series? “The truth? Great. I’m going to be 70 in October. … It’s time to smell the roses.” That doesn’t mean retirement. She’s working with her husband, filmmaker Walter Dominguez, on his family heritage documentary “Weaving the Past” and is weighing a return to theater, “where my roots are.”