What’s next? Taxing grass?


I recently read about how the city was proposing a new utility tax to charge us for our driveways, sidewalks, roofs and parking lots. What the heck is this? Isn’t it bad enough that our property taxes are going up 30 to 35 percent? What is next, are we going to be charged for each blade of grass on our lawns?

I own a two-bedroom ranch on not even a quarter-acre. I pay $3,100 a year for property tax; now it will probably go up to $4,100 a year. I do not need another utility bill from the city.

What do city officials do with the money from our water and sewer bills? Why don’t they eliminate some positions, or lower pay? I feel like they are grasping for straws.

I know that the new tax revenue will not fix our roads – it will go to pay their salaries.

What is the city of Lewiston coming to?

I feel that we have a bunch of overpaid nitwits working in the city government.

Jeannette Shontell, Lewiston