N.H. woman indicted on prison contraband, drug charges


PARIS — A North Conway, N.H., woman was indicted in Oxford County Superior Court on Friday on charges she tried to sneak drugs into the Oxford County Jail in December.

Kimberly A. Gardner, 21, faces charges of trafficking in prison contraband and three counts of unlawful possession of scheduled drugs. Police say she possessed cocaine, oxycodone and clonazepam, a prescription sedative.

According to a report by officer Thomas Hundley of the Fryeburg Police Department, he and officer Michelle Legare were on duty Dec. 4 when they saw a white Jeep Cherokee with New Hampshire license plates parked at a closed Irving station. Hundley ran the registration number and found that the vehicle had been used in a drug deal in Fryeburg the previous week.

Hundley and Legare approached the vehicle and identified the four occupants as Tracey J. Baranski, 34, Joseph A. Vincent, 22, Fay A. Obrien, 19, and Gardner. Hundley wrote that he told Gardner that a man was arrested the previous week after buying drugs from someone using her Jeep. Gardner said she loaned the Jeep to a friend who said he needed it to visit his child.

According to the report, Gardner denied having drugs in the Jeep and invited Hundley to look around. Hundley and Legare searched the vehicle’s occupants and found a pipe that smelled like marijuana on Vincent and a straw with white powdery residue on Obrien.

In the vehicle, police found white powder, a burned metal spoon, pipes and pills, the report said. One pill was identified as oxycodone. Both Gardner and Vincent had bags with white powders that tested positive for cocaine, Hundley wrote.

Gardner was transported to the Oxford County Jail early in the morning on Dec. 5. According to a report by Sgt. Tammy Thomas at the jail, Gardner later admitted to hiding a bag of clonazepam pills on her person. According to the report, she said she hid the pills to avoid further charges. She was charged with trafficking in prison contraband.

Gardner’s arraignment is set for March 6 in Oxford County Superior Court.

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