‘No’ to tax increase


Why is it that negotiations for collective bargaining are done confidentially, but classroom teachers can use their forum to send the children home to encourage parents to be an open checkbook or the children will go without at school.

That is what I heard from a couple people recently at the RSU 16 budget meeting.

I say the classroom is no place for that and if teachers want to have a tantrum, have it on their own time.

I have heard about salary inequities, but what about the benefits inequities that are all over the place (sick time paid when not used, teaching minutes per day) and, oh, yeah, what about the inequities to the taxpayers themselves?

There was the comment from a School Committee member regarding the economy and individuals on fixed incomes, that “people on fixed incomes don’t own property.” Well, I am on a fixed salary, and I work between 12- to 15-hour days. Yes, I could get a second job, but I do need some sleep to do it all over again each day, 50 weeks of the year, not 39. So, my salary is fixed and I do own property.

Prior to the meeting, RSU officials voted to cut their stipend in half to send a message. Yet, when I proposed the $164,ooo for high school stipends be cut in half to send a message and not increase taxes, that did not fly.


I will be voting no on the RSU16 budget.

Bonnie Payette, Mechanic Falls