'No' to wind power projects


The rejection of Northern Pass by New Hampshire regulators puts CMP’s “clean energy connect” back on the front burner. Even though CMP has stated publicly that their 145-mile direct current line from Coburn Gore to Lewiston has nothing to do with wind power, it stretches credulity to not see a direct connection between Nextera’s 133-turbine project and that high voltage transmission line.

Even though the Land Use Planning Commission recently rejected Nextera’s petition to expand the expedited permitting area to include Chain of Ponds, Seven Ponds, Alder Stream, Skinner and T5R6, BKP WKR townships, I find it hard to believe CMP (Avangrid) and Nextera, two of the most heavily taxpayer-subsidized public corporations that I know of, will give up their continuing ruination of Maine’s mountaintops and ridges.

People must remember that Maine’s $6 billion tourism business is of paramount importance for the long term. Mainers cannot allow the scenic character of Route 27, from Eustis to the border, be ruined.

Maine does not need the power from 133 windmills, nor the power from Hydro Quebec facilitated by CMP’s transmission line. All the power from those assets will be shipped to southern New England and beyond, without a dime of rate relief for Maine customers.

As I have said in the past, Maine is no longer a colony of Massachusetts. They should put their wind turbines in the Berkshires and build power dams on the Connecticut River.

Leave Maine alone.


Dudley Gray, Rangeley Plantation

  • arthur123

    I guess wind developers in Maine consider the state to be a Scenic Piece of Crap.

    The abject arrogance of these wind shysters like CMP/Avangrid in Maine is abhorrent and they have earned the disdain they receive from
    ” We the People”.

  • jfxwsr

    Wind is clean and green – a plus for tourists. Wind Turbines are no more disruptive to tourists than ski tows or cell towers. If someone is committed to no wind towers, than they can either keep the lights out and the heat off, or request a nuclear or coal power plant just downwind.

    • Jim Wiegand

      This has to be a planted statement because no one could be so ignorant. How about people just think of you as a knothead and we will leave the lights on with all other sources of energy. Only fools think these behemoths produce a lot of net energy. Wind equals fraud and a loss of tourism and quality of life matter nothing to these BAS***ds. What does matter is that they funnel billions into their pockets. They care nothing about the billions the people of Maine will be losing.

    • PenobScot

      Give me a break shill.

  • Penny Gray

    Good letter. LePage was right to call a moratorium on wind power. It’s been ten years since Baldacci enacted the expedited wind law. High time to take a hard look at the pros and cons, and do a cost/benefit analysis that measures the full time year round jobs created by these wind projects, reduction in CO2 levels, and NET energy production of the turbines, since these machines require electricity to operate. We need to weigh this information against impacts to the environment, rural residents, local economies and wildlife. The wind industry must stop hiding behind the “proprietary information” mantra. Taxpayers are funding the subsidies that keep this industry rooting around in our back yards. We deserve to know the answers. Tourism is one of this states biggest economic engines, has been since the eighteen hundreds and will be only as long as we protect our unique quality of place. Is it worth trashing our landscape for the benefit of southern New England? Mountains are not renewable.

    • FrankE

      I realize I’m not the most educated when it comes to wind energy, but how much electricity and for what purpose do these turbines require. I thought the wind turned the propellers which in turn creates electricity. I wasn’t aware you had to plug them in as well…………

      • Penny Gray

        Some of their systems (hydraulics, lighting,heaters for icing up) require electricity input when the wind isn’t blowing, which is about 70% of the time. Blades are so heavy they must be kept slowly turning so they don’t warp. This requires power drawn from the grid, which makes wind power unique in the energy field.

  • Midnight Tree Bandit

    Didn’t you hear? The Governor said “No one wants to go to the mosquito area”, so putting up wind projects there should have no impact on tourism.

  • Rene Veilleux

    I think those ridges with stately wind turbines are beautiful!