Nonunion workers get 3 percent increase


LIVERMORE FALLS – Selectmen voted in a special meeting Wednesday to give nonunion town workers a 3 percent raise, the same as union workers received July 1.

Selectmen had changed their personnel policy last year to reflect that the board would set the nonunion pay on an annual basis, but had overlooked doing it, selectmen’s Chairwoman Jackie Knight said.

Town Clerk/Treasurer Kristal Flagg had done what she normally does and gave the nonunion workers the same raise as the union workers, as was the past practice, when the new fiscal year began, Knight said.

She hadn’t known selectmen made the change in the policy, Knight said.

Selectmen had initially planned to meet Thursday night in a special meeting but realized they needed to fix the oversight before payroll was distributed Thursday and called Wednesday’s emergency meeting.

The pay raise is retroactive to July 1.