Nordic skiing: Aseltine leads the pack


Too much of a good thing can actually be harmful.

Shelby Asletine learned that lesson the hard way this ski season.

“I spent all summer and fall training hard for skiing this year,” the Mt. Blue junior said. “I was really gunning hard, I wanted to race in a lot of the races at a level higher than high school, kind of get my name out there, get a feel for what it’s like.”

She trained hard. Too hard.

“It’s the first time I’ve really experienced what it’s like to over-train,” Aseltine said. “I was getting to the point, I’d go to races, and I’d finish way behind people I’d been skiing with or ahead of before. Some races, I’d feel great, at others I’d just be tired.”

As the season wore on, though, Aseltine’s results, particularly against high school competition in the KVAC and at the regional level, remained steady.

“We’ve been able to count on her consistency all year,” Mt. Blue coach David Nordstrom said. “In every race for us, she was either at the top, or pretty darn close.”

Aseltine won one of her state title races, and “came pretty darn close” in the other. In the freestyle race at the Class A championships, she won the race by 21.1 seconds.

“I felt really good in that race,” Aseltine said. “It was one of those races I was feeling my best.”

In the classical race, Aseltine led the Cougars with a second-place finish, but was 34.8 seconds off the pace set by Fryeburg’s Janna Kurnick.

Still, her strong season and a strong qualifier allowed Aseltine the chance to compete at the recent Eastern Regional Championships. There, she earned a 14th overall finish in the 7.8-kilometer classical race, the second Maine finisher. In the 5.2-kilometer freestyle, she placed 20th, the fifth Maine finisher, and in the 1-kilometer sprint, she tied for second as the top Maine finisher.

It was a fitting end to a long but rewarding season for Aseltine.

For her accomplishments, Aseltine is the 2010 Sun Journal girls’ Nordic skier of the year.

First team

Hannah Allen, Mt. Blue

Shelby Aseltine, Mt. Blue*

Allison Fereshetian, Leavitt

Lucy Knowlton, Leavitt

Hannah Mogensen, Edward Little

Emily Ramsey, Mt. Blue

Second team

Nola Dixon, Mt. Abram

Caitlin Douglass, Mt. Blue

Sadie James, Mt. Abram

Molly Lindsey, Winthrop

Lilly Ramser, Leavitt

Katelyn Williamson, Edward Little