Norway board hears proposal for LED streetlights


NORWAY – Town Manager Dennis Lajoie told the Board of Selectmen on Thursday evening that he would look into a proposal that could save the town thousands of dollars on its streetlight bills.

Lajoie said the town typically pays between $50,000 and $70,000 in streetlight bills.

“There’s been a change in the rules that allow municipalities to buy out streetlights and own them,” Lajoie said. “Some towns in the area have begun converting their streetlights to LED.”

Lajoie explained that the company, Real Team Energy in Maryland, offers different lighting packages “depending on how bright you want certain streets.”

The town would potentially see a savings of about $40,000 a year, Lajoie said before adding that the figure was a “rough estimate,” and that he wanted to “get some more quotes” for the board.

“There may have to be a capital investment to get the project started, but the company said that it was estimated that the town would get its money back within four and a half years,” Lajoie said.

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