Norway board OKs truck purchase for treatment plant


NORWAY – The Board of Selectmen unanimously voted Thursday evening to authorize the Norway Wastewater Treatment Facility to purchase a 2018 Chevrolet Silverado for $41,700.

Shawn Brown, superintendent of the facility, said that in 2002, the facility “started a program where we replace our two service trucks every 10 years.”

“We started putting $5,000 away every year so we could save money and replace our equipment on a specific timetable,” Brown told the board. “We’ve already replaced one of our service trucks, and this year, our 2007 truck is due to be replaced.”

He said that while the trucks don’t accumulate a lot of mileage, they “put in a lot of work.”

“After 10 years of having the vehicle, you start to notice the transmission slipping, the brake lines wearing out, and rust setting in,” Brown said.

He said the treatment plant had $26,000 in vehicle reserves, and the purchase would be made by making a $10,000 down payment now and paying off the remainder of the truck afterward.

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