Norway chief: Thieves posing as heating specialists


NORWAY — Police Chief Robert Federico said Friday that his department is investigating reports of men ripping off homeowners by claiming to be checking their furnaces and carbon monoxide detectors.

In one incident, Federico said, a man asked a homeowner to go downstairs to turn off her furnace so he could check carbon monoxide levels. He took jewelry and left while the homeowner was in the basement. Federico said the man drove a small, black SUV.

In another incident, two men came to a house claiming to answer a request to clean the furnace. They left when a relative of the homeowner staying there went to the phone to verify that information, he said.

Federico said descriptions of the two men are vague, because most people didn’t realize there was anything wrong at first. In one incident, the men were described as driving an older-model pickup with a cap.

Both incidents are under investigation.

Federico advised residents not to let people they don’t know into their homes.

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