Norway engineer sees progress in road, sewer improvements


NORWAY — The town’s engineer told the Board of Selectmen recently that progress is being made slowly but steadily to update the miles of old sewer line and roads throughout the town.

“I think you’re in good shape with your sewer system,” Rob Prue of Pine Tree Engineering in Bath, the town’s engineer, told selectmen at their meeting Thursday evening.

Prue said the majority of the 1913 clay sewer lines have been replaced, bringing increased capacity to the system and new plastic pipe that, he said, many believe will last another 100 years. The work, which included last summer’s $1.3 million Fair Street project, has been done primarily with grant money from applications written by Sewer Superintendent Shawn Brown and Town Manager David Holt over that last decade and bonding that voters have approved.

Brown said Summer Street sewer lines will be replaced this summer. “Others will come with time as the money comes along,” he said.

Prue said that as the sewer lines have been replaced, the town has also attempted to reconstruct the roadways, including improving drainage problems, resurfacing, replacing water pipes and other work.

“The town has been very aggressive over the last 10 years,” Prue said of repaving and reconstructing about 73 percent of the town roads. “The bad news is you’re never done with roads. It’s an ongoing project.”

“The costs are going up, the resources are being stressed but Norway voters have always been willing to vote in money for their roads,” Holt said.

Prue also talked about town bridges, saying progress is being made on repairing those.

The Road Committee is expected to meet soon to begin developing its new fiscal year budget and prioritize which roads will be tackled this year.

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