Norway library lists new books


NORWAY – The Norway Memorial Library has announced its new book list.


“The Cleaner,” Battles; “New England White,” Carter; “The Song Before it is Sung,” Cartwright; “The Yiddish Policeman’s Wedding,” Chabon; “Double Take,” Coulter; “The Navigator,” Cussler; “Falling Man,” DeLillo; “The Maytrees,” Dillard; “Sammy’s House,” Gore; “Woman in Red,” Goudge.

Also, “Austenland,” Hale; “North River,” Hamill; “A Thousand Splendid Suns,” Hosseini; “Christietown,” Kandel; “Quicksand and Passing,” Larsen; “Consequences,” Lively; “Michael Tolliver Lives,” Maupin; “On Chesil Beach,” McEwan; “Dedication,” McLaughlin and Kraus; “The Buenos Aires Broken Hearts Club,” Morrison.

Also, “On Kingdon Mountain,” Mosher; “Divisadero,” Ondaatje; “Spare Change,” Parker; “Quickie,” Patterson; “Step on a Crack,” Patterson; “Secret Asset,” Rimington; “Peony in Love,” See; “The Quest,” Smith; “The Empress of the Last Days,” Stevenson; “The Shadow King,” Stevenson; “Mr. Clarinet,” Stone; “The Shadow Catcher,” Wiggins.


“Blessed Unrest,” Hawken; “The Summer of 1787,” Stewart; “Scurvy,” Brown; “Rosa’s New Mexican Table,” Santibanez; “Flowers, the Angels’ Alphabet,” Loy; “Design for Tea,” Pettigrew; “Late Psalm and Don’t Explain,” Sholl; “The 100 Best Vacations to Enrich Your Life,” Grout; “The Caliph’s House,” Shah; “15 Stars,” Weintraub.


“The Girl from Purple Mountain,” Chai; “Heart in the Right Place,” Jourdan; “A Single Tear,” Ningkum; “Warm Springs,” Shreve; “An Upriver Passamaquoddy,” Sockabasin; “Cabin Pressure,” Wolk.


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