Norway mother pens book on loss of infant


NORWAY – A local author hopes to help families dealing with the loss of a pregnancy or infant with her recently released book, “Always Within: Grieving the Loss of Your Infant.”

The book, written by author Melissa Eshleman, of Norway, provides a series of stories from people who have endured the loss of a pregnancy or baby. In it, Eshleman also offers insight from her own experience losing her son when he was just four days old.

“Losing a pregnancy or infant is such a devastating experience for parents and families, which is why I hope my book helps people who are going through the grieving process,” Eshleman said. “Through the power of people who know what it’s like to experience such a loss, this book is like having a compassionate and caring support group right at your fingertips.”

The book includes the stories of more than 20 parents who have dedicated their time and energy into recounting the difficult moments and events following their losses. Each chapter includes helpful advice from parents and thoughts on what family and friends can do to provide support during such a difficult time. The book also offers ideas on how grieving parents can help keep their children’s memories alive through the years, as well as comforting poems, quotes and Bible verses.

Eshleman lost her infant son, Lucas, in 2001. Afterward, she joined a number of infant loss groups, finding that she could accelerate her own healing process by helping others. Because she knows first-hand the challenges of dealing with such grief, Eshleman said she wanted to fill the void of information that parents need after they lose a baby so suddenly.

“When I lost my son, I was like a lot of parents in that I had no idea where to turn or what to do. I felt alone in my grief,” she said. “It took me too long to find infant support groups and to find comfort in reading the stories of others, which is why I hope this book can help families more easily deal with their losses.”

“Always Within; Grieving the Loss of Your Infant” is published by Finding Your Way Publishing, Inc. It is available at Books N Things in Norway; Find Your Way Publishing, Inc., Ingram,; and

Melissa Eshleman’s book is now available locally at Book N Things on Main Street in Norway and through, and other outlets.