Norway writer shares words that inspired her in new book


NORWAY — A local woman has penned a book of inspirational sayings.

Find Your Way Publishing, Inc. has released its latest book, “A Quote a Day to Find Your Way,” a collection of inspirational sayings compiled by author Melissa Eshleman of Norway.

In a statement released this week, Eshleman said the book shares wisdom from some of history’s greatest figures, passed down over hundreds of years. It is meant to remind people of the strength that lies within to motivate, encourage and inspire them to stay positive and face life’s challenges head on. This, in turn, increases an individuals capacity for personal growth, development and transformation, she said.

“As we move through life, we are either going forward, falling behind or remaining still,”  Eshleman said. “This book will help you to continue moving forward, giving you the inspiration you need to take on life’s challenges and capture the opportunities presented to you. The quotes in this book help people find focus and clarity in their everyday lives.”

“A Quote a Day to Find Your Way” brings together the power of quotes and journaling, giving people the opportunity to write down their daily thoughts, goals and ideas. By doing so, they increase their ability to accomplish meaningful growth on a personal level, she said. Rather than containing text-heavy tips and advice, the book aims to prompt creativity and self-reflection on the part of the reader through a simple and easy-to-use format.

Eshleman knows firsthand how inspirational quotes can help someone going through personal struggles. In 2001, the author and her husband experienced the death of their infant son, Lucas, which prompted Melissa to quit her full-time job in the corporate world to become a stay-at-home mom. This was a frightening and life-changing experience for the entire family, she said.

Struggling to make ends meet financially, the Eshlemans realized there was an infinite amount of value in time spent with loved ones — more than money could ever provide, they said. Melissa eventually found support throughout an infant loss group online, where she learned about how others had overcome their grief. This is when she discovered the power of words to help people grow and conquer their challenges.

“The great thing about quotes is that they remind us that many of the world’s most accomplished people have faced the same types of challenges that we do,” Eshleman said. “I want this book to pick people up when they’re down, turning the feeling of defeat into a sense of optimism.”

Eshleman has also written “Always Within: Grieving the Loss of Your Infant.”

“A Quote a Day to Find Your Way: Quotes & Thoughts to Inspire You on Your Journey” is available through Find Your Way Publishing, Inc.,, and at Books N Things on Main Street in Norway.