Nothing positive to add


Kudos to David Marquis for his excellent and truthful letter, March 13.

The twisted ideology and misleading information from the media, especially from the far right and left is shameful. Their only interest is to improve their ratings and not the truth.

Many people blame the current Obama administration for all the problems in this country. Where were these people during the previous administration?

When the Clinton administration left office, it handed over a budget that operated in the black and cut down the federal deficit. Their system worked.

The Bush administration left office and handed the current administration a $550 billion deficit, along with other major issues. Their system did not work.

Now we have these same hypocritical Republicans having issues with the current spending in Washington? These are the same people who have dug in their heels, refused to pass any legislation (even legislation they have proposed) and are content in having this country remain stagnant while they threaten to filibuster all legislation and focus only on their next election.

They have nothing positive to add, but have all types of excuses why it won’t work, all the while ignoring the American people.

They don’t seem to have any issues with spending American tax dollars to do nothing, although it adds to the same deficit they are screaming about.

It’s time to get rid of the hypocritical clowns in Washington and not add to them. Let’s bring back common sense in this country and get something done.

Ray Demers, Lisbon