November courses at Auburn adult ed.


AUBURN — Auburn Adult and Community Education has announced its course offerings for November. Visit the website for additional information about each course as well as how to register.

For CNA – Certified Nurse’s Assistant, call 333-6661 for additional information.

Chakras and Crystals, Wednesday, Nov. 10. Spend an evening learning about the chakra system and about the healing ability of crystals. Participants will work directly with the crystals and learn how to use them to promote balance and well-being.

Hula Hoop Fitness for Beginners, Wednesday, Nov. 10. Students may increase flexibility, stability and build core strength. Custom made exercise hoops will be provided by the instructor with the option to purchase.

Learn to See Auras, Monday, Nov. 15. The aura is the emanation of life force surrounding the body of all living creatures. Located along the central line of the body, chakras receive and transmit life-force energy to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. When experiencing unreleased emotions such as fear, anger or guilt, the energy flows less freely and can become blocked.

Manifesting Made Easy, Monday, Nov. 29. Participants will learn to take charge of their own life, learn to attract what they most desire and enhance their ability to manifest positive elements in their life.

Middle Eastern Dance (Belly Dance), Wednesday, Nov. 3. Students will learn basic dance moves and explore a new way to express themselves.

Nutrient Dense Foods for Optimal Health, Tuesday, Nov. 9. Dr. Weston Price traveled the world in the 1930s and 40s and studied isolated non-industrialized people eating their native diets who were free from cancer, heart disease, diabetes and obesity. The class will cover the 10 types of food and eating principles Price discovered and they 11 types of food to avoid.

Private Pilot Ground School, Mondays and Wednesdays, for three weeks, starting Nov. 1. Instruction in airspace aviation regulation, aeromedical factors, navigation aerodynamics, airplane systems, weather and weight and balance. Successful students will be provided a certificate of graduation, which permits them to take the FAA private pilot or sport pilot written test at any authorized computer-testing center.

Stress Buster, Monday, Nov. 1. Students will use a Yoga Nidra (yoga for the mind) exercise to help stop mind chatter, then use a verbally guided exercise with hemi-sync frequencies to relive anxiety.

Whole Cultured Foods for Health, Tuesday, Nov. 16. The hands-on class will teach students to properly prepare whole food cuisine along with probiotic-rich foods.

Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2007, Tuesdays, for three weeks, starting Nov. 2. Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet system for Windows that is used to manage, format, chart and analyze data. Students must be fully proficient using Windows before take this class.

Microsoft Excel 2007, Intermediate, Tuesdays, for three weeks, starting Nov. 30. Students will find out more about choosing and correctly designing charts, and learn to automate formatting using macros. Students must be fully proficient using Windows and have a sound understanding of the basics of Excel.

Web Site Design and Management, Part II, Wednesdays, for six weeks, starting Nov. 3. Part two will provide a quick refresher of HTML and XHTML and then focus on CSS, the presentation language of the web, which adds pizazz to simple websites.

Software On A Zero Budget, Tuesdays, for three weeks, starting Nov. 30. Students will learn about all types of open source software to download, install and use.

Digital Photo Uses, Tuesdays, for three weeks, starting Nov. 2. Participants will learn how to e-mail photos, create digital photo albums, create slide shows, share online with other family members and learn tips on how to use a digital camera.

Pet First Aid, Monday, Dec. 6. The course uses video based instruction and hands on activities to teach the basics of first aid and emergency care to cats and dogs. Taught by the American Red Cross.

Social Networking 101, Wednesdays, for three weeks, starting Dec. 1. Students will learn about tweeting, MySpace or Facebook accounts, blogs and e-mail accounts.

Register online at, by mail with a check or call 333-6661 to use a credit card.