Nude carpenter: I wanted to be clean


OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) – A carpenter who keeps his clothes clean by working in the nude was arrested after a client returned home early and found him building bookcases in the buff.

Percy Honniball, 50, was charged with misdemeanor indecent exposure this week for the October incident. He told officers he stripped before crawling under the client’s house to do electrical work because he didn’t want to soil his clothes, police said.

Honniball said Thursday that working in the nude gave him a better range of motion and that a skilled craftsman can work clothing – and injury – free.

Honniball was caught working naked in Berkeley three times in the last six years and put on probation for violating a city ordinance. Honniball said he doesn’t plan to do work in his birthday suit again.

Police said he apologized to the startled homeowner, but was fired. The homeowner paid Honniball for the finished work, but deducted $200.

“He kept out that amount to change his locks,” Oakland Police Officer Jesse Grant said.

N.C. home turns into sewage geyser

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) – It sounded like an elephant belching.

That’s how Meg McCormick describes the noise she heard as her home started to flood with raw sewage. Workers using a high-pressure hose to blast a grease clog from a sewer line instead pushed the black gook into McCormick’s house.

“Just braaaaaap.”

McCormick said she looked into a bathroom and saw sewage spraying from her toilet bowl.

“It was like we’d struck a small oil well,” she said.

The 55-minute-long sewage eruption flooded the first floor and the crawl space under the house, which is now covered with four inches of sludge.

City officials have said they would gut, repair and clean up the home, an effort which may cost more than the house’s tax value of $101,300.

Mother cat, kitties adopt pug puppy

CONNELLSVILLE, Pa. (AP) – A pug puppy rejected by his mother has found a new, more welcoming family – a cat and her three kittens.

Kelly Kent said her 2-year-old cat, Zoey, has been nursing the black pug puppy since late March. Zoey doesn’t usually like dogs but seems to have made an exception, Kent said.

The puppy, who belongs to Kent’s neighbor, is about the same size as Zoey’s kittens and regularly lines up for milk with his adopted feline siblings.

The pug puppy, the runt of his litter, doesn’t yet have a name, Kent said.

Bumbling suspect flubs way to jail

MILWAUKEE (AP) – A would-be robber who came up empty at a sports complex struck out for good when he got lost searching for an exit.

The 61-year-old man, armed with what looked like a gun, entered the Uihlein Soccer Park in Milwaukee at 12:45 p.m. Thursday, police said.

He first tried to hold up a woman in an office, but she had no money, according to Capt. Darlene Jenkins. He then tried to mug a man who had a wallet that turned out empty, Jenkins said.

The frustrated robber tried to flee but got lost and couldn’t find the exit, Jenkins said.

People eventually realized the man’s gun was fake and held him for police. When authorities arrived, the man complained of chest pains and was taken to a hospital before police brought him to jail.