Nuns did their job


Lately, I have read letters to the editor written by former students who attended parochial schools complaining about nuns hitting children with sticks to discipline them.

Maybe they deserved it. If someone did get hit, they had to have done something wrong. When a nun has 35-40 students in a class, she’s there to teach and some children don’t want to learn; they disrupt others by misbehaving and causing trouble.

I went to Holy Cross school for eight years. Everybody says I have an outstanding memory and I don’t remember any of my classmates getting hit with a stick.

Nuns have wooden clackers to get attention. One nun, in the seventh grade, would sometimes open the clacker and hit the kids on the hand two or three times. It didn’t even hurt; I know, I got it a few times.

I had three children who went to St. Peter’s School and not one of them came home and said they had been hit with a stick, or anything else.

Once, my daughter came home with a note for me from her nun. The nun wanted to see me that night. I went to school and the nun said that my daughter had the gift of gab during classes, so she made her stay after school. I told the nun, “Sister, do what you have to do. You’re in charge here.”


Today, the teachers can’t discipline the children, and the parents are worse than their kids.

Jane B. Theriault, Lewiston