O. Emery: Bear hunt is done the same everywhere


I see another outside entity — The Humane Society of the United States — is coming in to tell the public how cruel bear hunting is (Jan. 22). The society’s money could be better spent at its home in wildlife restoration, but it would rather come in and help cut Maine’s deer herd, which is already in a deplorable state.

When bears wake up in the spring, they need protein, so they catch the easiest prey they can, which includes the fawns just born. Taking away the biologists from Inland Fisheries and Wildlife’s method of controlling the bear population, there will be a lot of bears and a lot less deer.

Watch any bear hunt on television — I don’t care if you are in Maine, the upper Midwest, the Far West or Canada — the hunt is done the same. Several big containers of molasses, doughnuts, bacon grease and oats are mixed together to draw the bears in. That gives hunters the chance to take out the male bears and not a female with cubs.

If people don’t understand it, don’t vote against it because most people don’t know how much they can hurt a fragile balance in nature.

Ollie Emery, Mechanic Falls