Oakdale yields first ace


MEXICO – Mike Jacques notched the first hole-in-one of the season at Oakdale Country Club in the River Valley Rotary and Chamber tournament on Tuesday.

Jacques aced No. 13, a 150-yard par-3, with an 8-iron. Rob Dupill, Linda Dupill and Tom Fulton were playing partners.

Tournament results: Gross, 1. Adley’s Auto Sales & Service (Eric Lepage, Elijah Arnold, Seth Fournier, Don Johnson) 55; 2. Community Energy (Joe Arsenault, Mike Lepage, Dale Riordan, Andy Shorey) 57; 3. New England Financial (Mike Godin, Jerome Holt, Frank Diconzo, Eddie Patterson) 60. Net, 1. Franklin Savings Bank (Rich Allen, Peter Judkins, Harry Ricker, Nancy Ricker) 49.7; 2. Dead River (John Gallant, Steve Foster, Steve Yap, Dan Mitchell) 50.4; 3. Northeast Bank (Craig Sargent, George Gould, Scott Dennis, Jamie Sargent) 51.15. Pins, No. 4, Dale Riordan 5-5; No. 8, Mike Jacques 7-8; No. 13, Mike Jacques hole-in-one; No. 17, Dan Mitchell 36-9. Closest to line, Men, Jerome Holt, Bill Kiley; Ladies, Linda Dupill.


POLAND – Ladies League, tourney of the day, T&F: A Flight, Low gross, A. Bouchles. B, Low gross, 1. M. Bolduc, 2. C. Camire; Tourney of the day, 1. S. Congleton, 2. (tie) G. Martel, J. Levesque. C, Low gross, 1. J. Hutchinson, 2. N. Rocheleau; Tourney of the day, 1. L. Polley, 2. M. Cormier. D, Low gross, 1. I. Mathieu, 2. L. Dube; Tourney of the day, 1. L. Verville, 2. A. Ricker. Pins, No. 11, Mickey Bolduc; No. 13, D. Cooper. 50.50, M. Bolduc.


WHITEFIELD – July 10 tournament at Sheepscot Links Golf Course: Gross, Jean Sweetser/Jeanna Tuell 72, Julie Treadwell/Brenda Crosby 75, Karne Bamford/Liz Coffin 79; Net, Faith Vautour/Esther Sexton 58, Bambi Stevens/Prudence Hornbarger 59, Gail Swanton/Pid Rafter 62, Janice Ogier/Linda Pearse 62.

PALMYRA – July 10 seniors tournament at Palmyra Golf Club: Flight A, Gross, Ann Nemi 97; Net, Nancy Pratt 73. B, Gross, Marie Cates 90, Jean Young 92; Net, Maryjane Stafford 69, Victoria Wilson 71. C, Gross, Viola Kemp 82, Judy Knauf 84, Pennie Cummings 85; Net, Arlene Davis 67, Maddie Kilmister 69, Janice Poulsen 72. D, Gross, Helen Plourd 86, Arlene Adams 93; Net, Jeannette McCurdy 73, Nancy Dow 75, Charleen Wiseman 75. E, Gross, Jane Diplock 93, Janet Anderson 103; Net, Susan Goodman 72, Anita Thayer 72; F, Gross, Ann Lang 98, Mary Smith 109; Net, Barbara Pray 77, Betty Goodwin 81. G, Gross, Ruth Richardson 109; Net, Eleanor Emerson 82. Pins, Viola Kemp, Pennie Cummings, Joyce Mazerolle, Sue Goodman.