Oakhurst awards dairy producers


PORTLAND – Dairy farms from around the state received quality and production awards from Oakhurst Dairy recently at the dairy’s annual producers luncheon

The top 10 producer award recipients received recognition for their outstanding milk quality, cow health and farm cleanliness.

Winning Farms included: Nickerson Hill Farm of Brooks, R. E. Hemond and Hemond Hill Farm of Minot, Val-E-Dew Farm of Albion, Deerfield Farm of Winterport, Pineland Farms of New Gloucester, Rocky Ledge Farm of Biddeford, Doak Farms and Clements Dairy Farm of Monroe, and Taylor Farm of St. Albans.

Five farms received recognition for their ability to accurately predict how much milk their farm would produce on a monthly basis. Those awards went to Dickinson Farms of Norridgewock, Hamm Farm of Prospect, Fisher Farm and Davis Farm of Sabattus, and Nickerson Hill Farm of Brooks.

About 120 farmers and dairy staff attended the luncheon at The Senator Inn in Augusta. Oakhurst Dairy is northern New England’s largest independent dairy company.