Obama has been bad for America


Democratic President Barack Obama has been busy transforming America for the past 6-1/2 years, as promised. The national debt has risen from $9.9 trillion to $18.1 trillion today. Obamacare was enacted with the false promise of an average cost savings of $2,500 and “you can keep your plan and your doctor.”

Illegal immigration was noted during President Bush’s administration and he did nothing. It has increased since then and the Obama Justice Department now approves of sanctuary cities that don’t ask citizenship status when dealing with local crime investigations. The Department of Justice has sued states for enforcing federal laws.

Sen. Marco Rubio has noted that “our enemies don’t fear us and our allies don’t trust us.” Who could blame them when Obama “draws a line in the sand,” the line is crossed and he does nothing? The Ukraine is being invaded by Russians and the U.S. wouldn’t send weapons to the Ukrainians. The weak Obama administration recently negotiated with Iran on nuclear weapons and then recommended acceptance of a lopsided agreement in Iran’s favor.

The U.S. has an inner problem with militant Muslims immigrating. They do not seem to be assimilating into American culture and they are maintaining their own Sharia law when they can. Some have acted like terrorists. Many Muslims say they are peaceful and are not the problem, but they have not been the solution, either.

Election of a Democratic ticket has been bad for America. This was a great country; the Obama transformation has been destructive.

Thomas Shields, Auburn